What are the Benefits of Automating Communication Management?

3 Reasons to Automate Provisioning and More 

by Rick Nadler, Sales Director

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Is it just me, or is instant gratification important to you, too?

In our daily lives, we’ve grown accustomed to getting what we need now, not later. Whether it’s real-time information or on-demand services, we want results. Similarly, communications teams in large enterprises are tasked with meeting the needs and expectations of UC users and contact center agents. According to a recent Gartner release, that's not going to get any easier: employee turnover is predicted to increase this year. 

Enterprises can struggle to satisfy their internal customers, but workflow automation offers a best in class solution. Automation makes it faster and easier to complete labor-intensive, repetitive business processes like routine onboarding and offboarding; and it drives the operational efficiencies that speed service, lower costs, and free highly-trained staff to focus on more strategic projects.  

Digital Transformation is Ongoing

Automation drives what's been called digital transformation, a means to a more streamlined, reliable and efficient communications operation. There are significant benefits to replacing repetitive manual tasks with automated workflows, and no-touch provisioning is possible by integrating automation solutions with existing IT applications such as Active Directory, IT service applications like ServiceNow, and HR applications like Workday.  

Enterprises can streamline and automate end-to-end business processes and drive digital transformation in several ways:

  • Process optimization
    An intelligent automation engine can enable administrators to configure processes to fit their business needs.
  • More efficient operations
    Automation always reduces task execution times as well as the risks and inconsistencies of inevitable human error. It also can include instant processing of specific types of IT service tickets. 
  • Increased productivity and business agility
    Automation reduces the effort of repetitive keystrokes and painstaking manual auditing across multi-vendor UCC platforms. The result is 
    increased ability to process a greater volume of transactions within a specified Service level Agreement (SLA), plus faster reaction times to today's dynamic business conditions.  

What’s the Return on Investment?

Perhaps the best reason to automate communication management lies in the ROI. Many attain positive ROI within months of automating their provisioning. These are just some of the factors to consider:

  • What are your infrastructure data points (number or users, agents, communication systems, etc.)?
  • How many ticket requests does your team receive each month? 
  • How much of the ticket request volume can you automate? Examples include voicemail password resets, IP phone password resets, button changes, and common move/add/change/delete (MACD) requests.
  • What s your cost and time per transaction type? 
  • How much employee turnover, or churn, do you have? 

In addition to hard dollar savings that can be achieved with automation, there are many soft benefits to consider, as well, such as heightened end-user satisfaction from immediate resolution to requests such as resetting passwords, changing phone settings and other communication-related services. 

In the Final Analysis

IT professionals will continue to be challenged to find innovative and cost-effective ways to drive digital transformation and gain operational efficiencies. One proven solution that every large enterprise should consider is technology that automates communication management, from provisioning to managing UCC resources like licenses and hardware. 

Many of the world’s most successful organizations are already experiencing impressive results using automated communication management. They “work smarter, not harder" using automation.

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